How Does Invisalign Work and What’s The Procedure

If your teeth are not in proper alignment and you are considering getting braces. Then hold up because there is a new, more comfortable alternate available. This alternative is Invisalign, and it is taking over the dental industry by storm. It is generally more expensive than braces, but that depends on the condition of your teeth. The Invisalign is becoming a popular choice for teenagers and young adults. That’s because you don’t have to change your lifestyle choices.

An Invisalign is a mold for your teeth created by 3D imaging technology. The treatment requires a complete scan of your skeletal jaw. Once the scan is complete, an expert calculates current and final measurements for your teeth to map out your treatment plan. The Invisalign is made of transparent plastic and is invisible until you focus on it. Hence, the name of the treatment is “Invisalign.” You must be wondering how Invisalign works.

Who Could Need an Invisalign

If you have any kind of uneven teeth, you could benefit from the treatment. It is able to fix the following kind of teeth alignments.

  • Overly crowded teeth
  • Crossbite
  • Underbite
  • Open bite
  • Deep bite
  • Gapped teeth
  • Overbite
  • and more

Whatever kind of issue teeth you have, you can fix your crooked teeth with Invisalign. It is custom-made for every patient according to their comfort level. No matter how minor or major, your case is, Invisalign will work perfectly. Dentists must especially qualify to prescribe Invisalign, so make sure your dentist is. If you are wondering does Invisalign work for you or how it will work for your teeth. You can book an appointment with our Invisalign expert at any time.

Benefits Of Invisalign

The main reason Invisalign is so popular is that it works with amazing comfort. You can use it 24/7, remove it, or put it back on as you wish. It doesn’t stay on your teeth until the process is done. You can remove it during lunch, on dates, between conversations, and even put it on during sleep. They are made of a smooth plastic material and don’t feel uncomfortable.
It doesn’t require you to be extra careful during your oral care. All you need to do is remove it to brush and floss. You will have to brush it separately to clean the bacteria, which is not a problem because it is removable. It doesn’t demand to make any lifestyle sacrifices whatsoever. This is why Invisalign works so well with the younger generation because it is very easy to manage.


Just like braces, Invisalign works by pushing your uneven teeth into the proper alignment. But unlike braces, you can remove them on occasions. They are transparent and hence more comfortable for the younger generation to wear confidently. It is more effective as it is a result of 3D imaging technology. If you want to change the look of your teeth with Invisalign, contact the Spring Branch Dental Group on the following number (832-548-1533).



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