Dental Bridges in Spring Branch, TX

If you’re suffering from tooth loss, you don’t have to lose the appearance and function of your smile. At Spring Branch Dental Group, we provide dental bridges in Spring Branch that are designed to restore your smile, even if you’ve lost one or more teeth in an accident or periodontal disease.

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What Are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are artificial replacement teeth that are attached to your natural teeth. They’re ideal for people who’ve lost teeth in accidents, a surgical procedure, expected aging or gum disease. Dental bridges can also help people who’ve suffered from periodontal disease.

Each dental bridge contains a string of artificial teeth. However, these aren’t all attached to implants that are secured into your jawbone; rather, the bridge is supported at both ends by just two dental implants, reducing the complexity of the procedure and securing them firmly for perfect functionality.

Dental bridges are made stronger than natural teeth so that they’re more durable and less likely to break or crack when you chew.

At Spring Branch Dental Group, we offer a variety of dental bridges in Spring Branch, TX from which to choose that can be used for a variety of purposes. Most commonly, our dental bridges serve as a permanent replacement for missing teeth, improving your oral facility and letting you bite, chew, speak, and eat your favorite foods with confidence.

Are Dental Bridges Right For Me?

Dental bridges are a great solution for those with any of the following:

  • Lost or missing one or more teeth due to decay, trauma or an accident
  • Aging and struggling to retain a good bite
  • Tooth sensitivity and pain
  • Severe tooth decay in multiple teeth
  • Worn-down, cracked or damaged teeth due to bruxism or other conditions

Bridges are used when there are multiple teeth next to each other, or a series of teeth, that require replacement with artificial teeth. For individual teeth in separate locations in the mouth, dental crowns are a more appropriate choice.

Do Dental Bridges Require Implants?

We provide dental bridges in Spring Branch that are anchored with dental implants on either side. This is necessary to secure the dental bridge into place and give it maximum strength, durability and function.

Dental bridges with dental implants can be made to look very natural and lifelike, so they’re suitable for most people who are distressed about needing a dental bridge. The installed dental bridge will blend in with your natural teeth and smile, so you’ll look and feel great!

Still not sure if dental bridges are right for you? Contact us at Spring Branch Dental Group at (832) 548-1533 for a consultation. We can help you determine whether dental bridges in Spring Branch, TX are the best treatment option for your oral health needs.

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