Bone Grafts and Sinus Lift in Spring Branch, TX

Spring Branch Dental Group offers bone grafts and sinus lifts in Spring Branch, TX as an added benefit of our commitment to dental excellence and understanding of restorative dentistry, increasing the chances of a successful surgery with minimal complications.

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Bone Grafts and Sinus Lifts in Spring Branch, TX

During the placement of dental implants, your dentist looks for a robust anchor in your jaw bone into which to place them. However, if your jaw does not have the necessary bone density to support a dental implant, bone grafts or sinus lifts may be the next step before your implants can be installed.

A bone graft involves the substitution of new bone tissue that is taken from another area of your jaw bone. The tissue is then attached where it is needed to achieve the best possible results for your new implants in terms of strength, stability, and longevity.

A sinus lift involves the removal of gum tissue from the sinus cavity so that bone taken from another region can be grafted to properly support your teeth and keep them in their proper place.

Our expert dental team at Spring Branch Dental Group performs bone grafts and sinus lifts in Houston to aid patients achieve their oral health goals.

Are Bone Grafts And Sinus Lifts Required?

Bone grafts and sinus lifts are incredibly important for serious dental patients who need dental implants but are waiting for their jaw bone to become stable to allow for permanent placement. They are typically performed when there is insufficient bone tissue in the jaw to support dental implants.

This is an important consideration because dental implants essentially act as “anchors,” placed deep within the jaw bone in a similar position to the roots of natural teeth. The jaw bone provides stability and support to the implants, while the implants stimulate the bone and prevent it from deteriorating over time.

Bone grafts and sinus lifts help patients achieve their desired dental goals without having to undergo painful and traumatic complications as a result of low jaw bone mass. These restorative procedures can help patients save thousands of dollars from being wasted due to costly implant-supported dentures or bridges that don’t work properly by ensuring successful outcomes from their surgery.

Having surgery go well is important for avoiding tooth loss and the facial deterioration that comes with it. Without constant stimulation from the roots of the teeth, the jaw bone can become soft and waste away, preventing permanent teeth from holding their position and location.

At Spring Branch Dental Group, we are committed to helping our patients achieve their oral health goals. All dental implant candidates receive consultations with an experienced implant dentist to assess their needs and determine whether they currently have sufficient jaw bone density for dental implants.

We work with patients to create a treatment plan that involves bone grafts and sinus lifts in Spring Branch, TX if necessary. Call us at (832) 548-1533 for more information about our restorative dentistry services including bone grafts and sinus lifts in Spring Branch, TX.

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