Have Loose Tooth With Braces? Will It Fall Out?

Nov 30, 20231422 Views

Braces treatment comes with all kinds of questions and concerns, especially if you are new to it. One common worry is whether braces can make your tooth fall out if it is loose with braces. The answer to your question is no! They won’t, and it is a completely safe and effective method to achieve […]

Dealing with Dissolvable Stitches Hanging in Mouth

Nov 15, 202313640 Views

Whether you are a teenager or an adult, a tooth that does not serve its purpose is a liability and brings along a set of challenges, even after its removal. If you find yourself in a situation where your wisdom or regular teeth extraction stitches are hanging loose, do not worry, stay calm. It is […]

Sinus Pain in Teeth: Here’s What You Should Know

Oct 30, 2023298 Views

Sinus pain can be a bothersome and sometimes confusing experience, as it often manifests in unexpected ways, including tooth pain. The connection between your sinuses and dental discomfort might not be immediately obvious, but it’s a common occurrence. You may not always need to rush to a dentist or an oral healthcare specialist. However, if […]

Are Permanent Dentures Like Implants?

Oct 15, 2023743 Views

Are you unhappy with how your teeth look due to problems like decay, gum disease, or dental trauma? If so, we bear good news. You can greatly enhance your appearance and oral health with the help of permanent dentures. Let’s first discuss what they are and then the multiple benefits they have to offer. What […]

How Do Cavities Can Lead to Bad Breath?

Sep 30, 20231125 Views

Bad breath is a common issue that affects nearly 50% of adults. Mostly, cases are temporary and easily tackled with proper oral hygiene practices. However, persistent foul mouth odor might be an indicator of underlying dental issues. So, do cavities cause bad breath? If yes, then how? Let’s find out. Can a Cavity Cause Bad […]

Removing Braces – How Long Does It Take?

Sep 15, 2023370 Views

Your patience is about to pay off, and the reward is none other than a perfect-looking, beautiful smile. It is quite normal to have mixed feelings about it, excitement and nervousness side by side. Knowing what to expect on your appointment can help a great deal. So, how long does it take to get braces […]



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