Night Guards in Spring Branch, TX

At Spring Branch Dental Group, we offer night guards in Spring Branch, TX for patients who are looking for a solution to preventing tooth decay caused by conditions such as nighttime teeth grinding. Our night guards come in a variety of options and can be tailor-made for comfort, durability and longevity.

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Night Guards in Spring Branch, TX

Night guards are dental appliances designed to serve as an affordable, long-term protection for teeth. They are worn during the night in order to prevent tooth decay caused by conditions such as nighttime teeth grinding. Night guards can also be used to protect teeth against chipping or cracking in order to prevent more severe problems. They are also known as dental guards or occlusal splints.

We prescribe night guards in Spring Branch, TX if a dentist determines that they help you reduce the risk of developing cavities while sleeping. In order for night guards to be effective, they must make gentle contact with the tooth surface. The pressure placed on the gingival tissues of a patient’s gum line is minimal when a night guard is used correctly.

Your night guard can be made out of materials such as plastic, acrylic, elastomer and silicone. It can also be made from a combination of materials to achieve certain characteristics. In order for the night guard to provide optimal protection, it must be placed in a position on your teeth that allows for ideal tooth contact.

If your condition requires the use of a particular type of material for your night guard, we can help choose the right one to meet your needs. Contact Spring Branch Dental Group at (832) 548-1533 today to schedule your appointment with our experienced dentists.

How Do Night Guards Help With Bruxism?

Bruxism is a condition that causes teeth grinding or clenching in the night. Night guards are designed to correct this condition by providing a non-pharmacological method of managing it. Depending on the specifics of your condition, your dentist can prescribe a night guard in Spring Branch, TX that alleviates certain symptoms.

Night guards are generally worn to help protect tooth enamel from erosion caused by teeth grinding and clenching, or bruxing, as it’s more commonly known. When a patient grinds their teeth during sleep, not only does it cause discomfort in the gums and jaw joints, but it also causes the enamel to wear away and the underlying tooth structure to become exposed.

Once this process begins, it can lead to conditions such as sensitive teeth or tooth decay. The higher that a patient’s risk is for developing these conditions due to bruxism, the more likely they are to need night guards in order to prevent these issues from occurring.

After being unconsciously used and clenched the entire night, the muscles in your jaw can also be quite sore in the morning. Sleeping with a night guard has been shown to help you manage both bruxism and TMJ (temporomandibular joint) pain.

Interested in scheduling a consultation for a night guard in Spring Branch, TX? At Spring Branch Dental Group, our expert dental team can help you find the right night guard to achieve a more comfortable sleep. Contact us at (832) 548-1533.

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