How Do Braces Work On Your Teeth?

Using braces to give crooked teeth the right direction is one of the most sought-after dental treatments. But how do braces work on teeth? Let’s find out.

How Do Dental Braces Work?

The braces work by putting pressure on the teeth until they start moving in a new direction. But how do they make teeth move? The teeth roots have bones surrounding them.

Through braces, a consistent external force is applied over the tooth for a long time. This causes the bone from one side of the tooth to get removed by cells in the blood, and new bone progresses down on the other side of your tooth, giving it a new path.

As soon as a tooth starts moving, the structures involved, like the bone, gums, and blood vessels too, travel along with the tooth to secure it into a new position.

Is The Teeth Change Due to Braces Permanent?

Yes, almost everyone can easily and permanently straighten their teeth with the help of braces. It is an extremely safe and effective method. However, you may need to wear a retainer after braces to help them not shift back.

Do Braces Hurt?

Soreness and mild discomfort after getting braces on is quite normal and expected. However, the pain should subside after a few days after adjusting to the new being.

How fast do braces work?

The work starts as soon as the braces are fitted on the teeth. They are steadily straightening regularly to ensure that the movement is constant. Teeth moving very fast will not give your body enough time to settle and rebuild the supporting tissue. This can cause pain & discomfort for a long time.

Parts Of Braces

The 3 key components of braces are:

  1. Brackets
  2. Archwires
  3. O-ties, Ligatures, or Clips


They are small metal structures of the braces on your teeth. Their function is not to actually move the teeth; rather, they support the wires and other braces structures.


This structure is what, in reality, moves the teeth in a direction. The archwires are elastic or springy. This helps because after they are placed in the mouth and set by the brackets, the archwires, if moved, will spring back into their original position.

Just with the archwires, your teeth will slowly return to their original shape. Their job is to pull your teeth along.

Bracket Clips

To reposition the teeth with an archwire, your orthodontist needs to fix the wire with the bracket. On this part, the final key of braces, or the bracket clips, comes in.

Orthodontic ligatures are the colored elastics bands that go around the braces. These rings help to pull the archwire into the bracket to ligate or tie the wire into the bracket.

But, not all the bracket types use o-ties; some may use a clip rather than an o-tie to help the archwire into the bracket.

Final Words

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