Bracket Braces In Orthodontics | Importance

Braces are an appliance that is used to straighten teeth. They improve bite and work for the overall appearance of your smile. They are common for people with misaligned teeth or jaws. Braces are made of metal, with wires and brackets; what are these things used for? Let’s find out.

What are Brackets for Braces?

Brackets are small metal or ceramic pieces attached to your teeth using a special dental adhesive.

They are supporters of the archwire that connects them and apply pressure to gradually move the teeth into their proper positions.

The archwire is secured with small elastic bands – ligatures. They are colorful to match your preferences. The bands change after every adjustment to tighten the wire and move the teeth gradually. Brackets come in different shapes and sizes to settle perfectly on your teeth.

How Do Brackets Work on Braces?

Brackets apply a slight pressure on your teeth to gradually change their positions. This pressure is by the archwire that the brackets hold. When the teeth move, the bone surrounding them gradually changes its shape to support the new positions.

Your orthodontist adjusts archwires at every appointment to make sure that the right amount of pressure is applied to your teeth. Do not expect fast results; dental braces gradually show results; they may take a few months or even years to achieve the desired results.

Installing Orthodontic Brackets

The installation process involves several steps.

Step 1: Your teeth are cleaned through and through, then dried so the brackets adhere properly. After this, with the help of a special dental adhesive on each tooth, the brackets are carefully placed and pressed to it.

Step 2: Now your brackets are in position, it is time to insert the archwire and secure it with elastic bands. Orthodontists add appliances such as springs or rubber bands to move the teeth into their proper positions.

Step 3: After the entire process, your dentist will provide a set of instructions on how to care for their braces and what foods to avoid.

How Clean Teeth With Braces On?

Cleaning teeth with braces is tough; maintaining good oral hygiene is essential to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

The issue with brackets is that the wires trap food particles, making it difficult to reach all areas of the teeth.

To clean your teeth with braces, brush thoroughly and floss on a daily basis. To do this, never use a hard-bristled brush to clean around the brackets and wires. A soft-bristled brush in a circular motion removes plaque and debris easily.

You can use an interdental brush or floss threader to clean between the teeth and under your wires.

Final Note

In a nutshell, braces and brackets together show effective results and are a popular orthodontic treatment to deal with misaligned teeth or jaws. Get in touch with professionals with Spring Branch Dental to know more about this.



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