The Benefits of Choosing Custom-Made Night Guards

If you are second-guessing the need for a night guard to protect your teeth from bruxism is worth the investment or not, we assure you that it is going to be worth the investment. But the actual question should be, which one is better? Is a custom-made night guard or an over-the-counter available device?

Why Custom-Made Night Guards Are Worth It

Getting a professionally made night guard might cost more in the beginning, but the advantages make it worth the money:

Excellent Comfort

A custom-designed night guard specifically works for your teeth and mouth. The fit ensures superior comfort, so you can sleep peacefully without feeling any irritation and pain.

Enhanced Protection

Tailor made night guards show better protection against issues like headaches, tooth sensitivity, and toothaches caused by bruxism. It cushions your teeth from sudden blows and constant pressure by excessive grinding and clenching.


One of the reasons why OTC night guards are cheaper is because they use factory grade materials. While your dentists make sure to opt for top-notch materials that do not wear out quickly, saving you money in the long run.

The Benefits of Choosing Over-the-Counter Night Guards

Choose OTC night guards because they are:

Affordable Option

These guards are inexpensive and more budget-friendly compared to custom-made ones, making them an attractive option for those looking to save some money.


If you do not have the time to sit in a dentist’s chair for now due to busy schedule, an OTC option is readily available. You can find them at local pharmacies or online retailers without the need for an appointment.

Quick Fitting Process

OTC night guards typically have a straightforward fitting process, allowing you to adapt them to your teeth relatively quickly.

Disadvantages of Over-the-Counter Night Guards?

Here’s why dentists do not recommend it:

Heavier Fit

You will notice that the thickness of night guards available in the pharmacies are often more, which make them uncomfortable to wear while sleeping.

Incorrect Fit

Your dentist has the technique to make the perfect fitting night guard. Since the impressions are not according to your teeth type, OTC night guard may not fit your mouth properly, reducing its effectiveness.

Limited Protection

Due to its general, one-fit for all kind of design, OTC night guards do not provide with the best protection against bruxism, leading to premature wear on the device and potential issues for your teeth.

Chewable Material

One of the main nuances of a readymade OTC night guard is that they are usually made from low-quality materials, making them chewable to your brain’s subconscious. Which is why, your jaw muscles work harder, trying to break down the guard instead of doing the opposite.

Closing Note

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