How Much Tooth Is Needed By Dentists For A Successful Dental Crown Placement?

Besides looking realistic, dental crowns even feel natural. Once they’re tight and secure on your tooth, you have nothing to worry about. You can go on with your daily business without dealing with the fear of them falling out. It’s like a safety armor built specifically for your tooth.

But, despite being so lightweight and stable, dental crowns can’t be placed over just any surface. For instance, there needs to be a significant amount of your tooth poking out for it to be safely placed. Otherwise, the crown won’t find its holding. So, how much tooth is needed for a crown? Is it not possible for the crown to be rooted inside your gums? To find out, keep on reading this blog.

How Much Tooth Is Need For A Crown?

If you’ve been scheduled for a dental crown placement, chances are your dentist has approved the procedure. This is probably because your tooth is healthy enough for the treatment, and there’s enough room for the crown to be neatly placed.

However, if your tooth is badly infested with cavities and is on the verge of falling out, you might not make the cut. This is solely because there need to be at least 2 millimeters of the tooth’s surface for the dental crown placement to be successful. This roughly makes up about 1/4 of your tooth.

Can You Put A Crown On A Half-Broken Tooth?

Given how dental crowns are an excellent restorative option. They can easily be used to cover a half-broken tooth. The entire purpose of a crown is to help reinstate cracked, chipped, or broken teeth.

On the other hand, if you barely have any tooth left or the tooth is completely black, it’s best not to opt for dental crowns. Simply because going through with the procedure will only lead to further complications.

For instance, a crown on a half-broken tooth is going to remain stable and solid. However, if there’s no tooth at all, the crown will not be able to anchor itself to anything. This will cause the crown to fall, leading to an unsuccessful procedure.

What Happens If There Isn’t Enough Tooth For A Crown?

In the case that there’s no tooth surface remaining, your dentist will refer you to other treatments. Whether it’s through restorative procedures or cosmetic dental surgery, the options are endless.

Although in most cases, dental bridges and dental implants are the top choices when it comes to replacing teeth.

The damaged tooth will be extracted before being replaced with a more permanent solution to avoid pain and discomfort. This way, there won’t be any troubles with the amount of tooth needed, nor will you have to stress about constantly changing it.

Looking To Restore Your Smile?

Dental crowns are ideal for restoring your teeth and smile. But if you’re wondering how much tooth is needed for a crown, you can rest assured. As long as more than ¼ of your tooth is intact, you’re good to go. There need to be two millimeters of the natural tooth for the crown to adhere permanently.

Nonetheless, if you want to repair your smile, feel free to contact Spring Branch Dental Group at (832) 548-1533. To schedule an appointment or to visit, you can find us at 9738 Katy Fwy #400, Houston, TX 77055, beside Pearle Vision.



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