How Long Do Dental Fillings Last?

All of us are prone to dental accidents that may take us straight to the dentist’s chair. Apart from that, a cracked or broken tooth is not uncommon, and even with good dental care, your tooth enamel can suffer from bacterial damage due to sugars in your daily food items. The situation can be pretty uncomfortable until the tooth heals. Therefore, dentists use temporary filling tooth filling for pain relief. These are easy solutions that will help you pass through the discomfort phase.

What Is A Temporary Tooth Filling?

Temporary tooth fillings are not used in the long term. They are meant to help the dentist to provide short-term protection to the tooth. They have the ability to safeguard the tooth until the dentists have their permanent solutions in hand. A temporary filling can greatly reduce tooth pain for hours or even days.

Provisional Caps
Dental crowns are custom-made according to the tooth size left after shaving off cavities. Therefore they may place a temp cap on it for protection until the final product, i.e., dental crown, is prepared.

Temp Seal after Root Canal
A huge void is left after a root canal that needs to be taken care of. This is done via temporary filling to seal that space. But the question remains, what is the need to place a temporary seal as a filling on your tooth? Well, the pit after the root canal process is prone to bacterial manifestation with food debris. Therefore it is a requirement to avoid any unforeseen circumstances.

Does Temporary Tooth Filling Stop Pain?

Under few circumstances, dentists consider it a necessity to fill the broken tooth with a temporary filling:

  • In case of further tooth examination.
  • Temporary unavailability of permanent tooth filling.
  • Patient’s request for unique tooth filler.

How to Remove a Temporary Dental Fillings in Your Tooth?

The process of removing temporary tooth filling vs permanent is relatively easy. They can either scrape off gently or use a drill. You will be given a local anesthetic to numb the nerves for this procedure, so it is pain-free.

Temporary Tooth Filling – How Long Does It Last?

Short-term fillers are not supposed to stay on for that long. This is because of their soft structure. On average terms, a temporary dental filling may last for like a few weeks to months.

How To Maintain Short Term Tooth Fillers?

You cannot brush the maintenance part off just because they will be removed after some time. Follow these care tips for a better living experience with temporary tooth fillings.

Always avoid having hard food such as candies. Carefully take small bites and do not chew rigorously. Always use the non-effected side of the mouth, i.e., the one which does not have a filler. In case it is on both sides, chew with care.

Steer clear of sharp foods that have a crunch factor as they can displace the tooth filling.
Gentle brushing.


Tooth decay and cavities are common, painful, and quite unsightly. The good news is that there are easy solutions for discomfort until permanent restoration. Talk to one of our Spring Branch Dental Group dentists for help with your emergency fillings. Dial 832 548 1533 to connect with us.



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