How Do Dental Implants Work and All You Need To Know About Them

Dental implants are more effective than bridges or dentures. They are popular because of their success and potential to last a lifetime. Millions of people lose some of their teeth yearly, and many choose dental implants as replacements. These implants are carefully made to resemble your natural teeth. Some people even forget their teeth were artificial.

If you are wondering how dental implants work, read this post until the end. We will share the complete description of these implants, the step-by-step procedure, and the effectiveness of these implants. Dental implants can completely rejuvenate your smile. The impact of dental implants on people’s lives is very well documented around the world. If you need dental implants, then get in touch with us. Our experts will assess your case and guide you accordingly.

What Does Teeth Implant Look Like?

Dental implants will resemble and feel like your natural teeth. They are intentionally made to mimic your teeth. This makes them more effective and comfortable to live with than alternative options. They only need regular dental care. The process and aftermath are not painful or discomforting at all. You will feel like you have your old tooth back. This is how revolutionary the procedure is.

These teeth implants look like a dental crown with a screw. The whole implant consists of 3 parts. The dental crown, the titanium post screw called the fixture, and the abutment that holds all 3 parts together. The crown is only placed when the implant heals and is not a permanent part. You will need a new crown from time to time. This is because these crowns are made of porcelain or ceramics. They don’t require extra care other than regular oral hygiene, but they lack the healing capabilities of natural teeth.

Stages Of Dental Implants

Initial Consultation
Like every dental procedure, dental implants also start with proper consultation. An orthodontist will assess your teeth and determine if you need a dental implant or not. They will also ask about your medical history to avoid any complications.

Dental Fixture Surgery
The next step is dental fixture surgery. They will give you local anesthesia or IV sedation to clean the roots of the infected tooth. The next step is to insert the implant in place by drilling. The length of the appointment depends on the number of implants you need.

This is where you wait while the jawbone heals around the implant. Once the jawbone heals, the implant will become a permanent part of the jawbone. Avoid hard foods during this stage and try to eat foods that require less chewing.

Abutment Surgery
During the abutment surgery, they place the abutment hook on the fixture. This hook keeps the fixture and the crown together. This will be a relatively shorter surgery than the first one.

Crown Design and Placement
During this stage, they will design the crown by imprinting your teeth. Since the crown is an imprint of your teeth, it will feel very familiar. Once they finish making the crown, your dentist will call you for an appointment. During the appointment, he will hook the crown in the abutment. Finally, they will ask for your final thoughts on the results.


Dental implants work just like real teeth and don’t require extra care. If you need to know more about dental implants and the implementation procedure, contact the Spring Branch Dental Group on this number (832-548-1533).



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