Does Invisalign Fix Overbite, or Does It Come Back to Haunt You?

Many people unknowingly suffer from malocclusion, where their teeth are not properly aligned. Whether it’s due to an overbite, underbite, or an overjet, the conditions are endless. However, an overbite is by far one of the most common forms of malocclusion. But thanks to modern technology, there are various ways for people to fix it.

Where once people solely relied on braces to straighten their teeth, now there are multiple, minimally invasive options available. One such treatment is Invisalign. And before you ask, yes. Invisalign does fix an overbite, and that, too, in lesser time than normal.

But how does it work, and is there a chance of the overbite returning? To find out the answers to these questions, keep on reading this blog.

What is an Overbite?

Did you know that overbites make up around 70% of all dental problems? They’re so prevalent that almost every other person suffers from their consequences.

An overbite is a condition where the row of your upper teeth overlaps your bottom teeth. Now, it’s critical to keep in mind that it’s quite common for your lower jaw and teeth to be behind the upper jaw. That is when your mouth is closed. Almost everyone has a small bit of overlap.

But if the overlap comes with a gap of more than 3 millimeters, where the backs of your upper teeth don’t touch the front of the lowers ones, that’s when you know it’s an overbite.

Does Invisalign Fix Overbite?

Yes! Invisalign is an excellent orthodontic appliance that not only repositions your teeth but can also make your overbite vanish. In fact, Invisalign is known to correct overbites, underbites, and any other type of malocclusion.

There are no metal wires or chunky appliances to hinder your smile. Thanks to the clear acrylic trays and rubber bands, Invisalign can easily change the course of your overbite. You can begin to see the differences and take note of a normal bite in as little as six months’ time.

Can an Overbite Come Back After Invisalign?

Unfortunately, yes. An overbite relapse is when your overbite comes smashing back in, despite constantly wearing Invisalign, aligners, or even braces.

This happens mainly because people tend to take out their Invisalign too soon. That is to say, when your teeth have just moved and repositioned themselves, they need additional time to settle in. This ‘settling’ period allows your mouth to get used to biting, chewing, and speaking with the new bite position.

Thus, when you take out the mold prematurely, in this case, the Invisalign, your teeth will start to go back to their original position.

This is why dentists and orthodontists recommend wearing your Invisalign for more than 20 hours a day.

Is Invisalign the Right Choice for You?

If you’re dealing with an overbite but don’t want metal braces to ruin your smile, opt for Invisalign instead! Not only will it take less time to work, but you’ll easily be able to see the results through its transparent appearance.

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