6 Ways to Know If You Need Braces

Apr 15, 2023227 Views

Are you wondering if you need braces? Braces are a popular and effective solution for dental malocclusion. Despite the discomfort you may experience, one thing is for sure: braces successfully move your misaligned teeth into the correct positions, given that you follow your orthodontist’s instructions. But how to know if you need braces? Some people […]

Can You Whiten Teeth Bonding?

Mar 30, 2023495 Views

Dental bonding is a next-level marvel in the world of dentistry. You can get rid of a chipped or cracked tooth with ease and without showing that you got a treatment done. But you might wonder, can bonded teeth be whitened? Well, the answer is yes. You can get it done, but there are certain […]

Bracket Braces In Orthodontics | Importance

Mar 15, 2023356 Views

Braces are an appliance that is used to straighten teeth. They improve bite and work for the overall appearance of your smile. They are common for people with misaligned teeth or jaws. Braces are made of metal, with wires and brackets; what are these things used for? Let’s find out. What are Brackets for Braces? […]

Interproximal Cavity | Symptoms and Treatment

Feb 28, 2023201 Views

Is it possible to develop a cavity in between your teeth? Unfortunately, yes. A hole that forms between your teeth is known as an interproximal cavity. You see, munching on all those treats, especially those high in sugar, creates an ideal area for bacteria to set up camp in your mouth. They feast on the […]

Deep Dental Cleaning | Step-Wise Guide

Feb 15, 2023251 Views

Deep teeth cleaning, includes scaling and root planing, and is like a spa day for your teeth. It’s a thorough cleaning session that gets down and dirty, scraping off all the gunk that has been hiding in the nooks and crannies of your pearly whites. Deep teeth cleaning is necessary to remove plaque and tartar […]

When Should You Eat After Teeth Cleaning?

Jan 30, 2023290 Views

You know, even with brushing and flossing on a daily basis, there are still slight chances of dental decay? Yes, you heard that right. Good news for you, deep teeth cleaning from a professional can help avert the crisis. We are here to answer your queries; if you are thinking about “how long after teeth […]

Average Cost of Dentures in Houston

Jan 15, 2023694 Views

Social interaction fear after losing a tooth is real and takes a toll on mental health to a great extent. The good news is that there are multiple solutions for this problem, and dentures are one of the most affordable options you can go for. So, how much do these dentures cost in The U.S.? […]

How Much Tooth Is Needed By Dentists For A Successful Dental Crown Placement?

Dec 30, 2022415 Views

Besides looking realistic, dental crowns even feel natural. Once they’re tight and secure on your tooth, you have nothing to worry about. You can go on with your daily business without dealing with the fear of them falling out. It’s like a safety armor built specifically for your tooth. But, despite being so lightweight and […]

Does Invisalign Fix Overbite, or Does It Come Back to Haunt You?

Dec 15, 2022433 Views

Many people unknowingly suffer from malocclusion, where their teeth are not properly aligned. Whether it’s due to an overbite, underbite, or an overjet, the conditions are endless. However, an overbite is by far one of the most common forms of malocclusion. But thanks to modern technology, there are various ways for people to fix it. […]

Top 9 Denture Care Instructions

Nov 30, 2022190 Views

If you have just gotten dentures, do ensure that your dentist informs you about the aftermath, i.e., storing and maintenance. But why is it necessary? The answer is longevity, apt performance, and safety. This blog with denture care instructions will brush up your memory; it is better to save it for future reference! Instructions for […]



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