Are Craze Lines On Teeth Dangerous?

If you happen to see lines across your teeth that look like tiny cracks, well, they are known as craze lines. While their presence might seem to be concerning, craze lines are usually harmless. Let’s discuss them further.

What Does It Mean to Have Craze Lines?

They are thin, hairline cracks on the surface of your teeth, up and down like vertical threads. They may look like white lines or even with shades of gray, blue, or even brown. These lines become more prominent in the lighting.

The good news is that usually, these lines are not something to be worried about in terms of the structural strength of your teeth. They are more of an aesthetic issue.

If you look closely, there might be just a couple of craze lines or several ones all over your teeth. Most of the time, the front teeth grab attention since you see them properly when you smile. So, what gives them the color? With time, these tiny cracks start accumulating staining particles, hence the change.

Can Craze Lines Turn Into Cracks?

If you spot those fine white lines spread on your teeth – especially if there are more than one– you do not have to be all panicky about it. Mostly, they are superficial in nature, but they do weaken that part of your tooth compared to the rest of the enamel.

Your teeth are like old porcelain plates; they may develop small cracks across their surface, but that doesn’t mean they will shatter even with careful handling. It just signifies wear and tear.

This is the same way your tooth enamel works. Those small lines are more harmful to the appearance rather than structure. However, if you continue to wing on pens or your nails, you might be exerting too much stress on these already fragile areas. This extra pressure may cause them to break.

Can Craze Line Disappear Completely?

Once you have got these surface lines across your teeth, there is no going back as they stay forever. Since your enamel does have regeneration power, cracks do not vanish or heal themselves. They either remain as they are or spread even further.

However, there is one thing you can do. While reversing these lines is a lost cause, you can make them less noticeable or improve the appearance of your teeth. There are several ways you can do it: one way is by whitening your teeth to lighten the staining accumulated around the lines. Teeth whitening may serve as an illusion that the craze lines have gone, though they will still be present structurally.

Closing Note

In a nutshell, craze lines on teeth are not something to be worried about as they are more of an aesthetic issue. However, if you are still concerned, contact Spring Branch Dental Group at (832) 548-1533 for more information and appointment setup.



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