Are Bleeding Gums Due To Cut an Emergency?

The pink fleshy stuff on the jawbone is your gum. They encapsulate the entire boney structure inside your oral cavity. It helps the jaw hold on to the teeth sticking out, more like an anchoring system. These tissues are extremely fragile and injures quite common. So, you may suffer from a cut on your gums more often than you think.

It is good to be careful, but even the slightest slip while brushing can bruise your mouth and scratch the gums. So, what should one do about it? Well, there are multiple ways you can heal the cut on your gums, and we have detailed them in this blog for you.

What To Do If You Accidentally Cut Your Gums?

Cuts on the gums are not worth worrying about since they have the ability to heal on their own. But, if you have a deep one and not a small cut on the gums, you can try these tips for ease.

  • Use saltwater gargle solution to keep the gum cut clean and prevent any infection.
  • Get an antiseptic mouthwash for microbial control.
  • Put pressure with a cold compress on the swollen area to reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Cold water rinse.

Main Causes of Cut on the Gums

Gums are soft tissues with numerous blood vessels residing inside them. They cover the jaw bone and are fragile; therefore, one suffers from cuts on the gum very often. Now, since there are vessels carrying blood in them, a scratch can lead to bleeding.

The causes range from something as minor as a brush slipping away while cleaning teeth, using a hard bristle brush, or even a corn chip sticking on it; anything can lead to a cut on the gums!

How Can You Stop Bleeding Gums Due to a Cut?

Kids, compared to adults, are more prone to gum tissue injuries from different foods or trauma, cleaning appliances, etc.

Here’s how to treat a cut on gums near or far from the tooth.

  • Clean your hands thoroughly with soap and water to not let bacteria in the open wound.
  • Now, cleanse the cut using a cup of cold water.
  • Put pressure on the wound gently using gauze or a soft cloth.
  • Now, put on a cold compress or an ice pack to reduce the inflammation.

Usually, a cut is small enough to treat at home. But, in the following cases, it may be treated as a dental emergency:

  • Persistent bleeding for long hours.
  • The cut made on the gums was due to rusty metal.
  • Abscess formation.


All in all, a cut on the gums is a fairly common phenomenon that may happen even with preventive measures. We hope that this blog has given you enough information on how to deal with this situation. However, please contact Spring Branch Dental Group if the bleeding is uncontrollable.



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