9 Reasons Why You Have See Through Teeth

Your pearly whites in normal conditions are supposed to be sparkly glossy and white in appearance. This is achievable through regular brushing and flossing, along with a good dietary intake. However, even with that, your teeth may look translucent or see-through.

Go through this blog to know more about such teeth; we have a detailed top 10 reasons why your teeth might be turning translucent.

Translucent or See-Through Teeth

The change we are discussing is not something that happens in a snap. Instead, the transition from pearly white teeth to translucent is a gradual process. Enamel is what gives your teeth a characteristic look. When due to any reason, the teeth start wearing down (enamel), the dentin layer underneath it becomes prominent. This changes the color of your teeth from white to pale, whereas the enamel from the edges wears off, making it look translucent.

10 Reasons Why Your Teeth are Translucent?

Your teeth may become somewhat transparent under the following conditions:

High Sugary Diet

Everything literally comes down to a good brushing routine in the end. If you do not brush twice a day or after every meal, bacteria are present on the teeth. These creatures feed on the sugars from such edibles, releasing acids. The acids, in turn, cause enamel erosion.

Dry Mouth

There may be many reasons for a person to suffer from xerostomia or dry mouth. Primarily, lack of enough water is what makes the mouth dry. The glands are insufficient to make adequate saliva to moisten the oral cavity. And as a consequence of this, there is not enough fluid to wash away mouth bacteria, making them stick to the teeth.

Enamel Hypoplasia

Enamel hypoplasia is a consequence of enamel development that occurs in matrix stage. Various parameters play their part in this, genetics in particular.

Acid Reflux

Your stomach acids are exposed to the outer parts of your GI in this condition. The expulsion of gastric acid towards the mouth is involuntary and thus uncontrollable. Therefore, the teeth suffer from the wrath of this acidic content, leading to enamel erosion making them see-through.

Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is s an autoimmune condition, which quickly gets triggered due to a stimulus – gluten. If anyone allergic to it ingests gluten, the intestine suffers from damage. The internal disturbance makes the teeth translucent.

Soft Drinks

Soda or soft drinks contain ingredients like sugar that erode tooth enamel. Moreover, it’s not just sugar causing trouble but the amount of acid used in their composition. It is definitely a disaster recipe.

Teeth do have the ability to withstand drinks in certain amounts, moderately. But they can’t deal with frequent flushes.

Brushing Too Hard

You might be working extra hard just to ensure that no remains of plaque are left behind. However, you do not know that by doing so, the toothbrush’s bristles are slowly causing wear and tear to the enamel. The damage is not visible for weeks or even months, but after some years pass, it will start catching up.

Frequent Vomiting – Acidic Erosion

If your gag reflex is oversensitive and stimulates frequently, you puke more often. This exposes your teeth to the corrosive stomach acid, leading to enamel erosion and, ultimately, see-through teeth.


Certain medications that are frequently used by people, such as antihistamines, often contribute to wear and tear after-effects on the teeth.

Final Words

If you observe that your teeth are losing their color and becoming more see-through, contact the dentists from Spring Branch Dental Group immediately. They will examine the tooth, deduce the reason and start off with treatment. Dial (832) 548-1533 to connect with us.



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