Month: June 2022

How Do Dental Implants Work and All You Need To Know About Them

Jun 30, 2022388 Views

Dental implants are more effective than bridges or dentures. They are popular because of their success and potential to last a lifetime. Millions of people lose some of their teeth yearly, and many choose dental implants as replacements. These implants are carefully made to resemble your natural teeth. Some people even forget their teeth were […]

How Does Invisalign Work and What’s The Procedure

Jun 15, 2022185 Views

If your teeth are not in proper alignment and you are considering getting braces. Then hold up because there is a new, more comfortable alternate available. This alternative is Invisalign, and it is taking over the dental industry by storm. It is generally more expensive than braces, but that depends on the condition of your […]



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